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Wedding planners Mallorca

by Inma Del Valle

Wedding planners Mallorca

To begin with, today I would like to talk to you about the best wedding planners Mallorca. Also, I’m sure you all want to make your wedding the most special day of your life. So what better place than Mallorca?

As a consequence this island is an inexhaustible source of unique places and details. So, what better way than to count on the help of a good wedding planner Mallorca!

Without a doubt, they will be in charge of paying more attention to all the details. In other words, those on which you, because of nerves, or lack of time, can not focus in general.

Obviously, a wedding has to reflect the personality of the bride and groom. Therefore, they will meet several times with the bride and groom. Above all in this way you will discover what defines them. They will always try to find what best represents them.

In short, with all this I would like to tell you a little about the wedding planners Mallorca.

The Companies

M MOMENTS       

On the one hand, Moments is a company created in 2003 and directed by Lourdes Coll and Ana Capo. Located in Carrer de Poima 8, 07011 Can Valero, Moments offers a personalized attention to all its clients.

In general, we also advise, manage and coordinate the requests of our customers.  Above all, we make a thorough monitoring of approximately all services that are part of the event.

As a result, Moments offers a wide range of possibilities. The quality of all your services is particularly important.

“Exclusive locations
” Catering
” Music
” Beauty
“Fashion Consulting
“The guests
“Other services



With Simone Lehr as director .You may have heard of them. Located in the Son Vida urbanisation, Carrer Raixa, 15 offer a personalised service. As a result, they will undoubtedly always live up to your expectations.

At the same time, Mallorca Princes has a group of great professionals who do not hesitate to get involved to the maximum. Luckily for the bride and groom, they will always try to satisfy your needs successfully. Therefore, they may also far exceed your expectations.

First and foremost, your goal will always be for the bride and groom to enjoy. For this reason, on the most important day of their lives, they will be the ones who will work for everything to be perfect. That’s why the bride and groom will simply laugh and enjoy it in style.

That is to say, these excellent wedding planners from Mallorca take care of the design and the integral or partial organization of your wedding. Therefore, they will start with the search for the perfect place.

However, they will not forget any detail that distinguishes your wedding from the rest. Keep in mind that you will enjoy their help at all times during the process.


There is probably nothing that can lead to success faster than illusion, dedication and creativity. As a consequence, Almas Gemelas Events is the living summary of those three principles.

Two women, Lindsay and Yolanda, animated by the same spirit of enthusiasm, decided that the island of Mallorca was the perfect place to make many dreams come true.

Also moved by the desire to make many boyfriends happy, finally both decided to unite their experiences and knowledge. Due to the combination of English and Spanish culture they managed to make a difference. And so Eventos Almas Gemelas was born, a modern and innovative company with roots in Puerto Pollensa.

Perhaps, it is a service that was created for all the people who do not have enough time, boyfriends who want to obtain perfect results and full of details.

No matter how many believe that hiring a wedding planner is an additional expense, it is not true. Hiring them is really an investment.

Finally, they will help you adjust your budget and optimize your time. Also, they don’t hesitate to collaborate with the best professionals on the island.
Since they live on the island all year round, they enjoy throughout the process the support of the suppliers at their destination. Therefore, you will feel peace of mind throughout the event.

All you have to do is enjoy, share, smile and live the happiest day of your life.

Almas Gemelas events offer you the possibility to adapt to your budget and number of guests. Therefore, they will always save you time and money. Although your event will never cease to be the most special.



To begin with, it is a company that has travelled all over the island in search of the most secret corners. In addition, it has negotiated with the best suppliers and specialists in the sector.

For them, every event is a special event. They are therefore committed to your project. In addition, they make sure that everything runs smoothly and mainly. According to the initial budget.

Their services therefore include everything from the initial interview that helps us understand your tastes to the day of the event.



Since everything is important in a wedding and everything counts, they are looking forward to meeting you and listening to you. If you want to live your wedding to the fullest, no doubt leave everything in their hands.

First of all, let them ask you a few questions and tell you how they can help you. Consequently, they will create a unique wedding for the two of you. Finally, from the smallest to the largest, from minute-by-minute control to the naturalness of tidy chaos.

Everything fits in Mille Papillons, but always with the same result: your perfect wedding. In short, a wedding to share, enjoy and remember all your life.

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