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Wedding photographers Mallorca. Indian wedding

by Inma Del Valle
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Wedding photographers Mallorca. Indian wedding

Wedding photographers Mallorca

When you are wedding photographers Mallorca you are always wanting to do different and original things. I think all destination weddings are unique and I give them my personal touch. My work is so much fun for me and I love it, this shows in the photos I take. So when Reshma and Tom asked me to photograph their wedding I felt super excited. I had always wanted to do an Indian wedding. That special coloring, their traditions, their ceremonies, the music, everything attracted me. So I was finally going to be able to do it.

Beautiful couple

Reshma is Hindu and lives in England. She met Tom who is English, they fell in love and after a while decided to get married. Luckily for me as wedding photographers Mallorca they chose this island to do it because his father has a house here. They loved it and the sunny weather here was important to them. Their wedding was going to be in April and there were going to be a lot of guests from India and London. They invited 250 guests and they planned to have a wedding for two days no more and no less.

Those days we prepared ourselves very well to know exactly what this Indian wedding would be like step by step. We studied a video that Reshma sent us of his cousin’s wedding so that we could see how everything was going to happen.


That video, we were watching it many times taking notes all the time. It was like if we were going to be examined about Indian weddings. During the ceremony that would last two and a half hours there would be a lot of rites and there would be a lot of things. We didn’t want to miss anything.

The first day on Friday would be a European wedding with the traditional ceremony. On Saturday it would be the Indian wedding with the ceremony inside what they call the Mandap. It is an altar with four poles that is all covered with fabrics and flowers blessed by a priest. It was not going to look anything like the usual weddings which as wedding photographers Mallorca I liked.

The only bad thing was that as the wedding approached we feared the worst about the weather. Precisely those days in the area where the wedding was going to take place near Campos were raining. Every day the first thing I did was to see the weather on my mobile, I couldn’t believe it was going to rain.

Wedding venue

The wedding’s Finca is called Es Lloquet the secret place. It is an impressive Finca with two large swimming pools. As wedding photographers Mallorca it is a dream place.It has many spectacular rooms some with private pool. There are perfect esplanades for banquets, all surrounded by beautiful fountains and ponds. It was also all ready to accommodate many guests who would stay in their rooms.

The wedding planners were “A White hot wedding” and “Ceremonies in Majorca” that had everything organized down to the smallest detail. They had been putting everything together for many months so that there would not be the slightest problem at this Indian wedding.The video crew by Alexandra Cabrer and her team.The flowers by Olivia Alexandra flowers Mallorca. The only thing that can’t be controlled in these cases is unfortunately the weather.

Wedding day

On Friday morning when we went to the Finca we looked up at the sky and prayed that it wouldn’t rain. We didn’t want anything to spoil this special Indian wedding. Just in case as wedding photographers Mallorca I had bought two transparent umbrellas. The rain was not a problem and as good professional photographers Mallorca I was going to have some incredible pictures of them both.

Once there the weather was cloudy with the sun coming up from time to time. Reshma was being made up and her hair done. She was beautiful and nervous, looking at the sky like everybody else.

Her bridesmaids began to arrive and between them all had some fun moments. The cava came out and there were petals of roses that I brought and they threw on her with laughter. I loved being able to shoot this special moment. She was having a lot of fun with her friends before the ceremony.

Everyone sat down waiting for Reshma to show up. Tom was already waiting for her. He had his friends and parents by his side. The ceremony was next to a beautiful fountain with all the chairs around it. She would come down the stairs from her room at the top of the house.


First her bridesmaids did it with beautifully dressed children. Then she appeared with her father’s arm down the stairs. She was beautiful and radiant. As she went down her eyes connected with Tom’s and they couldn’t stop smiling. They made a beautiful couple. As wedding photographers Mallorca I loved it all.

There was some speeches and everything went perfectly with some fun moments during the ceremony. When the officiant asked her if she wanted Tom as her husband and was willing to obey him, she stopped him. She said in a funny way that obeying was not put before and that she didn’t accept it.

Everyone laughed because she said it in a very funny way. At the end they said yes and we passed to the cocktail. They had prepared several paellas and Indian food for the occasion. There were vegan paellas and others with meat and seafood. The paellas came and the guests starting to move between the pool and the interior área.The flamenco guitarrist Keko was enlivening the occasion with all his art. The atmosphere was perfect in this Indian wedding. Destination weddings are lots of fun.

Couple’s shooting

We took a moment and took the bride and groom to take photos alone. Already more relaxed they two got beautiful photos between trees and the pond. Being a professional destination wedding photographer in Mallorca I am lucky that the Fincas here are spectacular. I had prepared some cold fire torches for them to take. They had a great time dancing with them in their hands.

On the way back we took many pictures of all the guests having fun and chatting. There was a fun part that was an Indian cardboard horse decorated with flowers and colors. It could not miss this Indian wedding. Every guest who got inside began to dance to the rhythm of the music. It was a lot of fun and it was like a traditional photo-call, but in the Indian way.

Day one’s celebration

There were guests that looked very serious, but were encouraged to ride the horse. Everyone who did it danced to the full extent of the Indian songs they played. As professional wedding photographers Mallorca it was a great opportunity to take different photographs. This Indian wedding was being very interesting.

They had also organized a part of the salon to make Henna to the guests who wanted. Bibi took care of it, I know her for a long time and she is a Henna artist. It’s something very nice that requires a very high level of skill and Bibi does it like no one else. The bride, as is tradition, was also made, she was beautiful and changed with a typical Indian costume that was put on for the occasion.

We left having finished the day happy and satisfied, looking forward to the next one that promised to be incredible.

Second day

On Saturday morning we kept looking at the sky as we approached the Finca. It was cloudier than the day before and the wind was even stronger. They had decided to put up a tent because they didn’t dare let it rain and spoil everything. In addition, the banquet that was going to be outside was put into the covered area of one of the enormous halls of the estate. Annie and Olivia from A White hot wedding and Ceremonies in Majorca worked very hard to make sure that everything went perfectly. As professional wedding photographers in Mallorca I know that the weather can change a lot on this island.

The Mandap ready outside all the fabrics flying and the pots barely standing. Even so, the bride and groom had decided to do the ceremony outside. While Reshma was getting dressed for the occasion, I really enjoyed taking pictures of her. The traditional dress is incredibly beautiful and she who is gorgeous was impressive. With Henna’s hands full, little by little everything was being put on with help and it was beautiful to see her like this. It was a privilege as a destination wedding photographer in Mallorca to be able to witness these traditions. I loved this Indian wedding.

Groom’s entrance

Meanwhile Tom was in his hotel right next to the bestman. According to tradition he had to come all the way and her parents and sister would receive him. Friends and guests sang and danced when Tom arrived with a Tuc-tuc from Yatch Palma prepared for the occasion. It looked like a typical Indian car decorated with flowers.

He was very elegant in the typical Hindu groom costume. They had flowers ready to welcome him . There was a moment when friends took him and her mother in their arms. The drums went on and on. He had to step on a small pot that is a tradition and many friends threw themselves to the ground for it. Everyone shouted with happiness and it was incredible. In this Indian wedding everything had a magical atmosphere.

Tom arrived at Mandap took off his shoes as ordered and took his place together with the bestman. The priest waited for him, he had to do a series of rites before the bride came. He did it and then left him with a cloth placed in front of him. It was like this so he cound´t see Reshma’s entrance since it is suposse to be the first time they had met. Many of the rites are very old and interesting.

Bride´s entrance

Reshma came in and walked in his uncle’s arm all the way down the aisle surrounded by palm trees. Her sister and one of the bridesmaids had passed by before, throwing rose petals along the way. Her emotional face was unbelievable.

All the guests turned to look at her. Her entering in that traditional costume, those beautiful red colors were spectacular. Every occasion of this Indian wedding was a dream as professional wedding photographers Mallorca.

She took off her shoes at the entrance of the Mandap with the help of her sister and sat next to Tom. He was still with the cloth in front of him so he hadn’t seen her yet. As they sat like this they joined hands and it was a precious moment. The priest ordered them to remove the cloth and they finally saw each other. Their faces lit up and their eyes said it all. We had a very happy couple in front of us who were going to enjoy a great ceremony. I was very happy at that time to be a destination wedding photographer in Mallorca.


Everything happened from then on as planned, only the force of the wind got in the way from time to time. In spite of that it was incredible how each one of the traditions were happening. The priest with the microphone sometimes addressed them and sometimes the guests.

He made the whole Indian wedding go very smoothly. We were loving all the richness of Indian culture and the respect to traditions. Sometimes they had to revolve around a fire that they lit in a large pot. I must say that with that wind I sometimes feared that a tunic would be lit. More than one passed near the flames. Fortunately nothing happened.

Other times the parents gave something to the bride and groom, rice, water, sweets. Family members would come up to say things in their ears and throw petals at them. It was also funny to to pull Tom’s nose. It was another tradition and more than once they caught it.

The most beautiful thing was when they put together the hands of the two families all there standing in the Mandap. At the Indian wedding this meant that they were already one big united family. It was beautiful for me as a destination wedding photographer.

The ceremony ended with the seven steps. The bride and groom have to take seven steps and promise each other something. Each time they touched a special stone with the foot which blessed them. And so it all ended with the relatives throwing rice and petals over them.

Couple’s shooting

Once the ceremony was over and the two were congratulated, we took them with us. We took some pictures of them in beautiful corners of the Finca, they were beautiful. Then they left officially saying goodbye to their parents in line. It was a very emotional moment.

They were driving the tuc-tuc from Mallorca Yatch. It took Tom a little while to drive it and above all to go back, but he did it. The guests continued with the cocktail. Little by little it was time for the banquet and those who where staying there were able to get change.


The bride and groom already changed their clothes and very elegant made the entrance through the tent greeting the guests and they sat down to enjoy the food. During which there were several speeches by the father of the bride. He was very excited saying that his daughter would already have a new partner to dance with and that he was very happy for this wedding.

Then Reshma’s sister made her speech which was a lot of fun telling anecdotes from when she was little. After a while Tom and the bestman also spoke separately. They did not fail to mention that London had better weather at that time than Mallorca. Everyone laughed about it, but in the end it didn’t rain and everything had happened without many incidents, thank goodness. Sometimes as wedding photographers Mallorca it happends .It was being a full Indian wedding.


The dance floor was ready and the bride and groom started with a ballroom dance they had prepared. Then the sister and several friends did a choreography with Indian music that they had prepared. It was something incredible that we all loved, what a beautiful dance.

So little by little we ended up with the Sheila Band playing live. The guests danced non-stop and were having a great time.

We said goodbye to the bride and groom, thanking them for their kindness and wishing them all the best. I had fulfilled a dream as a professional destination wedding photographer in Mallorca and had many incredible photos. I am looking forward to more Indian weddings having this magnificent experience.

Wedding photographers Mallorca

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