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Wedding in Finca Morneta

by Inma Del Valle

Wedding in Finca Morneta

This month we had a wedding in Finca Morneta. It is one of the best Finca in Mallorca and has been recently restored. It has different well separated areas where you can have weddings in comfort and in a beautiful way.

This month we had a wedding in Finca Morneta. It is one of the best Finca in Mallorca and has been recently restored. It has different well separated areas where you can have weddings in comfort and in a beautiful way.

"ALT"wedding in finca morneta suit"
"ALT"wedding in finca morneta cute groom"
"ALT"wedding in finca morneta groom"

We recently did an editorial there called BodaViews for the magazine Tu boda en Mallorca. Lucia and Nicolás run the Finca and help with everything and more. We really wanted to have a wedding at Finca Morneta with a bit of normality after everything we have been through.

"ALT"wedding in finca morneta"
"ALT"wedding in finca morneta groom playing guitar"
"ALT"wedding in finca morneta funny preparations"
"ALT"wedding in finca morneta toast"

Sweet couple

The lovely couple we had at this wedding are called Africa and Cristian. They both met a few years ago in Germany during a course as both lived there. After some time together they finally decided to celebrate a big wedding with all their loved ones. There were going to be around 130 guests, most of them Spanish and 30 guests German.

"ALT"wedding in finca morneta bride's dress"
"ALT"wedding in finca morneta bride"
"ALT"wedding in finca morneta happy bride"
"ALT"wedding in finca morneta rings with flowers"

They already had a lot of things arranged for this wedding in Finca Morneta. One of them, which made me very happy, was that the dj for the wedding was going to be Dj Xema. He is one of the best in the island and with him the party is full guaranteed.

"ALT"wedding in finca morneta dress back"
"ALT"wedding in finca morneta beautiful light"

Wedding in Finca Morneta

On the wedding day the weather was sunny and the sky was blue without a cloud. Morning weddings that take place in June are hot. When organizing them you have to think about it and prepare the different spaces well with good big shadows for everyone.

"ALT"wedding in finca morneta flower detail"
"ALT"wedding in finca morneta entry"
"ALT"wedding in finca morneta grroms'mother"

First of all we went to the agritourism where the groom was staying. When we arrived he came out of his room with a big great smile on his face. His close friends and the German priest who was going to officiate the ceremony came over.

"ALT"wedding in finca morneta emotional groom"

They brought beers and a guitar, to our surprise the priest is apparently a guitar player  and a singer as well. They all got very animated. Cristian also plays the guitar so he picked it up and gave us a private performance.

"ALT"wedding in finca morneta bride's entry"
"ALT"wedding in finca morneta uncle"

I took several photos of them having good fun and getting ready for the beautiful wedding in Morneta that awaited us.

"ALT"wedding in finca morneta hug"
"ALT"wedding in finca morneta happy hug"
"ALT"wedding in finca morneta sweet looks"

Bridal preparations

After Cristian we went over to Finca Morneta. There was Charo from the great  Catering Bon Gust and Carolina who with Yessi runs the amazing Blancinegre Events. They were both putting the final touches to everything in Finca Morneta. If there is something important in a wedding is that everything is perfectly organized and there are no last minute problems.

"ALT"wedding in finca morneta sweet couple"
"ALT"wedding in finca morneta detail"
"ALT"wedding in finca morneta best friend"
"ALT"wedding in finca morneta funny priest"
"ALT"wedding in finca morneta fun"

At this wedding in Finca Morneta there was a wonderful team. I knew I could rest assured because they are amazing professionals and everything was going to go super smoothly. I love working with them, this wedding in Finca Morneta promised a lot.

"ALT"wedding in finca morneta rings"
"ALT"wedding in finca morneta ceremony"
"ALT"wedding in finca morneta rings moment"
"ALT"wedding in finca morneta emotional"
"ALT"wedding in finca morneta rose petals"
"ALT"wedding in finca morneta rice moment"

After saying hello to them we went to the bride’s bedroom at Finca Morneta. Africa was totally excited and looking forward to the wedding. She wanted to know how Cristian looked and if he was handsome in his wedding suit. We told her that he looked very elegant and that he was really looking forward to seeing her.

"ALT"wedding in finca morneta nice guest"
"ALT"wedding in finca morneta friend"
"ALT"wedding in finca morneta elegant guest"

 Beautiful bride

Africa was very well accompanied by her best friend Tati and her uncle who was going to be the best man. All dressed up and ready to go, we started with them.

"ALT"wedding in finca morneta postwedding"
"ALT"wedding in finca morneta smiles"
"ALT"wedding in finca morneta postwedding"
"ALT"wedding in finca morneta romantic"

After the photos in the entrance where there is more space we had something ready for the bride. For the preparations at this wedding in Finca Morneta there was a place we had planned for Africa. There is a room downstairs of the Finca that is a beautiful place and the light is amazing. There I was able to take some beautiful pictures of her with her wedding dress.

Ceremony in Finca Morneta

After  all the preparations we went with the groom who already arrived and was receiving all the guests. They were all very elegant and ready for a great wedding in Finca Morneta.

"ALT"wedding in finca morneta cogratulating"
"ALT"wedding in finca morneta with children"
"ALT"wedding in finca morneta cóctel"
"ALT"wedding in finca morneta friends"

The guests took their places at the ceremony site after drinking some refreshments. Everything was prepared under the big beautiful tree that makes a nice shadow in the Finca. The German priest also prepared himself at the altar and Cristian made his entrance with his mother.

"ALT"wedding in finca morneta enjoying"
"ALT"wedding in finca morneta family"

Africa entered on her uncle’s arm, very happy and beautiful. When the couple saw each other at the altar, the ceremony began. It was done in Spanish and German translated by Tati, Africa’s best friend. Thet put on their rings with the parish priest blessing them and a final song with the electric guitar. They made  the exit very happy together.

Postwedding and cocktail

Once the emotional and international ceremony was over we took the couple to take some photos. Luisa did us a special favour and let us use the blue room at Finca Morneta.

"ALT"wedding in finca morneta banquet"
"ALT"wedding in finca morneta guests"

I had already used the first room a few moth ago during the editorial BodaViews of Tu boda en Mallorca. These rooms are full of history and elegance. All perfectly cared for and decorated in a Mallorcan style.

The couple together and relaxed, enjoyed the postwedding and when we finished they joined the cocktail. All friends and family congratulated the couple on their return and really enjoyed what Catering Bon Gust had prepared for them.

"ALT"wedding in finca morneta children playing"
"ALT"wedding in finca morneta funny moment"

Banquet in Finca Morneta

Afterwards, everyone went to the beautifully decorated tables and the bride and groom made their entrance dancing. Everyone ate and drank and enjoyed some special moments. Cristian’s father and sister made some funny and emotional speeches. Also friends of theirs dedicated a few words.

"ALT"wedding in finca morneta guests enjoying"

Cutting the cake

It was time to cut the cake and above all to give the bouquet. Africa had thought of a very original way of giving it. She had prepared it by tying ribbons, each one corresponding to a friend or relative.

"ALT"wedding in finca morneta cake"
"ALT"wedding in finca morneta happy time"
"ALT"wedding in finca morneta banquet place"

With her eyes covered and a pair of scissors she cut them one by one having fun until the last one was left and the bouquet found its owner. Then they did the wedding dance where they also danced with relatives. Dj Xema together with the singer started the party. A conga was organised where everyone participated and it was a lot of fun.

"ALT"wedding in finca morneta beautiful love"
"ALT"wedding in finca morneta funny kiss"
"ALT"wedding in finca morneta at the pool"

We said goodbye to the happy bride and groom after this wedding in Finca Morneta. We wish them all the happiness in the world and thank them for having trusted in my work. It is really a pleasure to be able to do weddings in Mallorca as amazing and emotional as this one.

"ALT"wedding in finca morneta romantic look"
"ALT"wedding in finca morneta the bouquet"
"ALT"wedding in finca morneta cutting"
"ALT"wedding in finca morneta game"
"ALT"wedding in finca morneta friend playing"
"ALT"wedding in finca morneta funny game"
"ALT"wedding in finca morneta winning"
"ALT"wedding in finca morneta singer"
"ALT"wedding in finca morneta dancing with her mother"
"ALT"wedding in finca morneta bride dancing"

Conga at Finca Morneta

"ALT"wedding in finca morneta conga"
"ALT"wedding in finca morneta conga fun"
"ALT"wedding in finca morneta dancing conga"
"ALT"wedding in finca morneta kiss dancing"
"ALT"wedding in finca morneta funny dancing"
"ALT"wedding in finca morneta girls dancing"

Wedding in Finca Morneta

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