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Prewedding in Mallorca

by Inma Del Valle
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Prewedding in Mallorca

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Sandra and Tiago came to Mallorca during a romantic trip they had planned. When we spoke they told me when they contacted me that they wanted to do a prewedding in Mallorca. They were planning to have a photo shoot of the two of them here. Both are Portuguese but both live and work in Switzerland.

As we spoke they told me that they wanted to get married a little later in a simple way with people close to them. Also they were organizing an intimate and beautiful party.


Before that they wanted to travel and get to know Mallorca. This island is being chosen more and more by couples from all over the world as a destination. Whether it is to get married, to make a prewedding in Mallorca or perhaps an elopement.

There are couples like Tiago and Sandra who find it very romantic to make an intimate journey alone before getting married.

It is something that they will always have as a memory and that is sometimes difficult to repeat. Generally after getting married the frenetic rhythm of work and so on begins.

I thought the idea of a prewedding in Mallorca was great as it is something I have been doing more and more.

There are couples coming from all over the world and I love it when they contact me. They always tell me their stories full of romanticism and they are very interesting.

Tiago and Sandra wanted some photos that had sea and mountain so I chose a site with both.


We met in the afternoon because the sun is less strong and the light is better. They came on a motorcycle that they had rented while they were on the island.

When we greeted them they smiled and looked very happy and in love. They had that understanding that some couples have very strong. It seemed that they knew each other all their lives and that they were right for each other.

They came with very appropriate clothes for the island. They wore white cotton and linen. The place I had chosen enchanted them and I immediately started with them. As I asked them questions and we were talking they got used to the camera.

There are many couples who feel intimidation and find it difficult to take pictures. It’s a part of being a prewedding photographer on Mallorca to make them feel relaxed. That way I can take them in a more natural way and take better pictures.

This couple already came very happy and wanting to have a good time.

About them

They told me a lot about their life in Switzerland. They had a hard time integrating because Switzerland is very different from Portugal. They are colder and the city where they live doesn’t offer everything Lisbon can be. But Sandra found a very good job as a watchmaker. She is in charge of the design of many high-end watches.  Switzerland being the paradise of watches was in the right place.

Always in a prewedding in Mallorca I try to bring out the couples as naturally as possible. They are very joyful and made it very easy for me. At the end we went to dinner together and everything. I showed them a very nice place where there was a spectacular sunset. We really enjoyed getting to know each other and having a good time.

It was great to meet them and I wish them all the happiness in the world.

Prewedding in Mallorca

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