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Postwedding session in Mallorca

by Inma Del Valle
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Postwedding session in Mallorca

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This couple’s wedding, María José and Joan, was one of the most beautiful and colourful we have ever had. Because of that we were looking forward to the postwedding session in Mallorca.
She was going to wear that spectacular dress again with the beautiful bow on her back. He was all elegant in a blue suit. They make a beautiful and charming couple.

We like them very much and enjoy every time we see each other.
They chose a dream place for the postwedding session in Mallorca. As soon as they told me I loved the idea and I was looking forward to the day. The place is very elegant according to them. Her dress and style deserved no less.

I always choose a different place for my sessions with couples so I was looking forward to this one. The place chosen was the Hotel Castell Son Claret, a dream place as a location.
When we arrived and saw the beautiful gardens we loved them. I was already thinking about the best places to take their photos. The color of the flowers and trees is spectacular. Each one is in a perfect place and offers a beautiful landscape.

When we saw each other, we kissed and talked about things that happened at their wedding. A lot of fun and exciting things had happened. In addition, they were married in the church of Santa Eulalia with a very emotional ceremony.
Then the celebration took place in Ses Cases de Sa Font Seca.


Now it was time for the postwedding session in Mallorca which promised to be very beautiful too.
We started the session at the back of the Hotel Castell Son Claret where the swimming pool is. The flowers were in plenitude with some incredible colors.
There I was able to take some photos, the two seem to have come out of a film.

Then we went to the front area of the hotel. This part is where the gardens are incredible. Together with the fountains and ponds they make a very romantic and lovely atmosphere. We were able to enjoy a few minutes where they had fun and me too.

In postweddings the good thing is that we don’t have the rush that happens during a wedding. That way it’s easier to get the most out of the places and this one deserved it.
In this case I liked using an umbrella as a complement to the romantic atmosphere as well. That romantic movie atmosphere enveloped all of us.
María José and Joan helped me a lot with their great sympathy and it was a pleasure to do this postwedding session in Mallorca.
We said goodbye with two kisses and wishing to see each other again to be able to have a drink and chat.

Postwedding session in Mallorca

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