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Postwedding in Mallorca

by Inma Del Valle
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Postwedding in Mallorca

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Chloe and Ben’s wedding was one of the most special of the year. It was very intimate and full of feelings. We had a great time and have a lot of love for both of them. That’s why we loved Chloe’s idea of doing a postwedding in Mallorca. As a postwedding photographer, I know that the island offers many places and ideas.

Tipical English

She wanted a very typical English picnic as they are both from there. Had the great idea of bringing a tablecloth and sandwiches, cake, drinks etc..
They had a very special place for both of them because they wanted to do the wedding there. For personal reasons they finally had to change their plans. That’s why they were left with the desire and now the postwedding in Mallorca offered them this opportunity.

When we met in the place they choose they were radiant with happiness. I know that a postwedding in Mallorca is very special for many brides.

Chloe had a special illusion to put on the wedding dress again. It is a dress given to her by her mother and with it she looks like an English princess. It looks great on her and she was very happy to be able to wear it again.
Ben is a little more shy for the photos. But he looked just as happy as she did and he was very elegant in his beij linen suit.

The place is spectacular. It is in the Mirador de la Victoria in Calviá near Santa Ponca. It is called Cruz del Desembarco and offers a beautiful view from the entrance to the port. A perfect place for a postwedding in Mallorca.
That day from its rocks there are many young people who dared to throw themselves into the sea from great heights. We were very surprised by it because it was very high.
Chloe had prepared the picnic right on the steps of the monument. It was all beautiful and the sun just gave a soft light before leaving.

Photo session

We started the postwedding in Mallorca and as we knew each other from before it was all very enjoyable. Between one thing and another they began to eat the cake with strawberries that looked great. Then they served a tea in crystal glasses that we did not resist to try. They also had typical English cucumber sandwiches. So little by little we took pictures of them and we had fun.

We used some lights with stars that gave them a very romantic air. You can see the love they have for each other and we like that in the couples. Then we went down to a rocky area while the sun was setting and it was magical. There was a lot of complicity between them and they even did a dance there. It was a beautiful postwedding in Mallorca.
We all enjoyed it very much and now they have a precious memory with these photos.
We say goodbye to them with a few kisses, we are very fond of them and wish them well.

Postwedding in Mallorca

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