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by Inma Del Valle

Mallorca weddings photographer

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This wedding was going to be a great one. Jadzia is Polish and was marrying Toni who is mallorcan. They live in Germany and they have decided to celebrate the wedding on the island because his whole family lives here. As Mallorca weddings photographer I was looking forward to it.

The place they had chosen is veryreally amazing and beautiful. Mallorca offers a great variety of beautiful places to get married. The many different Fincas and Hotels make it difficult to choose. However, they had chosen a place that represented them perfectly. The wedding was in Castillo Hotel Son Vida which undoubtedly is one of the most beautiful places on Mallorca.


In the afternoon we went to the groom’s house. He was waiting for us together with his brother. We chose the garden área at the back of the house. In order to take some good pictures it was better as it was clear of furniture and the light was good. This is very important as Mallorca weddings photographer. You could tell there was a good connection between the two of them. They had a good funny relationship.

Little by little and with jokes Toni dressed up and was very elegant. He had chosen a black suit that was perfect. Besides all of these, he was a little nervous but happy, it was going to be a great day.

From there we did go to the Castillo Hotel Son Vida. As soon as you pass its doors you are surrounded by all the elegance and sophistication of the place.

The bride

When we went to the bride’s room in the Castillo Hotel Son Vida. When we saw her we were left with our mouths open. Jadzia was radiant with her hair almost finished and a spectacular smile. She is the kind of person who radiates contagious happiness. While she was doing the final touches we settled in her room.

At this wedding in Castillo Hotel Son Vida, we were going to work with Guillem from Somera Films on the video. We really like working with him and we get along very well. The room had a lot of natural light which we love and is essential for good photos.

When she came out she looked amazing. We are really lucky as Mallorca weddings photographers to have these brides.

The makeup and hairstyle made her even more beautiful. She showed us the dress of the designer Jesús Peiro. We knew we were going to have a dream bride.

We quickly started taking pictures of her around the room. An armchair next to the window was the perfect frame for photos with a perfect light. Then came her friends who were going to be the bridesmaids. A bottle of cava was uncorked amid laughter and jokes..

She put on the dress and we all marveled at how beautiful she looked. She looked spectacular. Like a movie star from the 60’s of the most glamorous Hollywood.


Once we were done with her we went to the ceremony area. Toni was already there receiving the numerous guests. There were many different nationalities and they were all very elegant and looking forward to a beautiful wedding in Castillo Hotel Son Vida .

The ceremony took place in both Spanish and English. Of course, due to the numerous international guests, it was beautiful. The officiant Claudia Nagyian told how the two knew each other since they worked in the same company.

After it finished and the corresponding congratulations we took the bride and groom to take some pictures.

A wedding in Castillo Hotel Son Vida is spectacular and the bride Jadzia was radiant with happiness. Everything that I suggested to her to do they did it with fun. Incredible photos came out in her beautiful Jesús Peiro dress.


After the cocktail we went to the area below where the banquet would take place. There was a great general surprise when during the speeches Jadzia did hers in mallorquin. Toni’s mother was very excited about this surprise. As a Mallorca weddings photographer it was a surprise for me too.

Toni commented that it would be very difficult for him to do it in Polish for her family. Which made everybody laugh .He stressed that he was very proud that she had done it in mallorquin.

Once the banquet was over we went to the dance area for this wedding in Castillo Hotel Son Vida. The bride and groom opened it with a choreography. She danced very well and you could see her enjoying herself with one another.

We ended up giving both of them a kiss and looking forward to seeing them again very soon. Really we had enjoyed ourselves a lot, as Mallorca weddings photographer. At the end we thank them and wish them a very happy life together.

Mallorca weddings photographer

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