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Interview photographer Mallorca

by Inma Del Valle

Interview photographer Mallorca

Interview with Inma del Valle, photographer in Mallorca

In September I was awarded the Apex Award for Best Wedding Photography by the prestigious digital magazine SLR Lounge (USA). They asked me to do an interview as a photographer in Mallorca about my style and my way of seeing photography.

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1-Tell us about yourself and your photography business: how did you come to photography, where are you and what area(s) of photography do you specialize in?

My name is Inma del Valle. I currently live in Mallorca. My life is always linked to art. I started to study piano when I was very young and I finished the superior career of lyric singing 3 years ago.

In photography I started at the age of 18 completely self-taught. I used a compact camera to combine it with my singing career. Because I saw that it was a new world of expression for me, I got a reflex camera and I started on the path of art making an autobiographical work linked to music.

I was lucky enough to take my first works to an art gallery and to be chosen to exhibit there.

ART exhibitions

The first time I exhibited my art was at the Munich international fair “Munich Contempo”, later at “Art Madrid” and had an individual exhibition at La galería Punto.As it is unfortunately very difficult to live in the world of art, I got fully into wedding photography, but bringing that part of art photography to them.

In the other hand,I needed to express in the wedding work what I have inside of me. I can’t with a classic, superficial wedding photograph full of posing. In this interview as a photographer in Mallorca is something I would like to express.

The people who hire me does it for capturing the emotions of the moment and that artistic part that characterizes me. For me it is fundamental in a wedding, which is something unique and unrepeatable, to capture the essence of the moment.Everything you breathe and transform it into something unforgettable.

Because I want people to see their photos in 30 years and feel emotions again, to be transported to that place again. I would like many times to make people see that the photos are the only thing they will have left of that day.

Let them appreciate the difference between some “live” photos with movement and some static and muted photographs kept in their closet for years.


People sometimes choose the cheapest because they don’t realize that in that small difference of money is the soul in their photos and not everyone knows how to do that. In this interview as a photographer in Mallorca I hope people notice it.

Since I have the first contact with my customers until the last day I leave the skin on it, I want to know every detail, anything is important that day and I like to live it with joy and passion.

Over the years I studied architectural lighting and interior design and it is another world that I love. In this kind of photograph I can relax. Spending hours getting out of the construction all the possibilities that the architect sees when he designs it. It makes me uninhibited from the stress and pressure of weddings.


I live in Mallorca a place that is a paradise in continuous growth, full of people from here and abroad who come to get married. On the other hand, in the business of architecture and interior design there are more and more constructions of luxury houses and hotels.

The children photography is another thing that fascinates me. I love to behave like them to get that innocence and sincerity they have. They don’t hide and once you’ve earned them, it’s like a game.

Many times I am worse than they are hehe. I can’t pigeonhole myself in a type of photography or choose between singing career and photography. Everything makes sense to what I do and is part of the puzzle.

Everything offers different sensations and why limit myself to just one?

Although my residence is in Mallorca, I also travel anywhere in the world. Something I love is travelling, meeting new people and living the customs of other countries

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2-Where can we best connect with you? What is your website and what social networks are you most active in?

You can connect through my website, instagram or facebook. My website is www.bodasweddingsmallorca.com my Instagram is the most active social network @inmadelvallephotography and my facebook https://www.facebook.com/inmadelvallebodaskids/

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3-Do you have an upcoming event? Are you talking, teaching, etc. somewhere?

I have just finished the wedding season. After a vacation in Istanbul, it’s post-wedding time and the last wedding of the year on December 8th. In winter I continue my career as a singer.

I give singing lessons and I take advantage of the fact that I have more time to take author’s photographs for future exhibitions.

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4-When you’re not working, what are some of your favorite activities?

I love gastronomy, wine and travelling. So I just have some time to travel to a new place and discover the best restaurants there.

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5-The best book or movie you’ve read or seen lately?

The best one lately is the one my sister has written which I hope will be published soon. “Sweet and bitter as coffee”. And the best movie is “Je ne suis pas un homme facile” by Eleonore Pourriat.


6-You have a very personal approach to photography, which goes very well in every genre of your photography. What are your 3-5 best tips for photographers looking for a more personal investment in their work?

My best advice is to get to know each other better so you can get the best out of each other in each photograph.

Another one to have desire to learn and passion for what you do, without passion nothing can be achieved. When you put your soul in the photographs you make the difference because nobody is like you.

I am a very demanding person with myself. When I take a job, I like to do it as neat as possible. I think you have to be very professional in that. In this interview to photographer in Mallorca I would like to let it know.


In wedding photography, one piece of advice I give is to live the wedding from the inside. Not as a photographer but as a person who is part of that story. It’s very difficult, for example, when they put you in a place far away from them at the banquet to be aware of all those surprises they don’t even know. I always say it to my couples and most of them understand it.

Another advice in this interview to photographer in Mallorca and very important is to be persevering, I am a person who has gone from not having anything, working as a waitress since I was 16 years old, leaving home when I was 18 and always having to look for my life. Everything is achieved with perseverance and you have to fight for what you want.

You can be more or less lucky, but you have to know how to take advantage of those lucky moments. When you start with nothing you have the ability to look at the small things and get something great with very little.

Because of this ,I’ve always liked photography where you interact with other people. Before starting in the world of weddings in Mallorca, in all my photos there is a very careful scenography and there is a very intimate relationship with the people who are in them.


I believe a lot in a personal relationship , I consider myself a person who generates confidence to the rest. It has always seemed to me super important to know people better in order to get the best out of them.

In the photography that I do  models for me the most important thing is not a pretty face, but someone who transmits me and I want to tell a story.

Even in the world of weddings everything is taken to a very superficial place. Best photographers are categorized for portraying “beautiful” couples, dressed in luxury. We don’t give priority to what is really the most important thing ,for me in a wedding: the essence.

You get into instagram and the big bloggers promote wedding photographs in which there are only beautiful people and luxury is seen.


In the world of wedding photography everything is much more spontaneous. After all, it’s a world where emotions are on the surface and it’s very important to reflect all the sensitivity of the moment if you’re immersed with the five senses.

Another advice is that people look a lot, soak up the culture, go to museums, read a lot, go to the movies or just sit on a terrace just to watch. This helps me take everything I see one step further. It’s very difficult to create something new but you can do something unique.

There are no excuses in art, if you want, you can get it.

Thank you very much for this interview to photographer in Mallorca.

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7-Anything else you want to share?

I have to thank the couples I’ve had because they’ve always believed in me. Many of them have collaborated in my artistic expression and have been in the good and the bad.

Interview to photographer in Mallorca

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