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Incredible weddings in Mallorca

by Inma Del Valle
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Incredible weddings in Mallorca

Last season was marked by incredible weddings in Mallorca . I can say that what stood out the most was that we had a superb time.

Every wedding was a party where us, the bride and groom gave it all. Always have such fun moments from each wedding that it would be impossible to list them all. We love to be a part of every wedding and end up dancing with the bride, groom and guests.

Last year we have had incredible weddings in Mallorca in spectacular locations. All the fincas in Mallorca are becoming more and more prepared for everything. Their facilities available make everything work perfectly.

"ALT"incredible weddings in Mallorca Son Berga
"ALT"incredible weddings in Mallorca Son Claret hotel
"ALT"incredible weddings in Mallorca Tot a Punt

New season

This new season we start with a tremendous desire. We know it will be even better than the last one. Every couple we have has been chosen personally because we know it is very important. Having a good feeling with them from the first day we meet is something we value very much.

Creating for each wedding, for each couple a new experience. We always want to do special things in each one, to be unique and innovative.

From the preparations you know that you will have a personal exclusivity with me. I know my couples tastes, their dresses, their families, what is most important to them. They can trust me and they know it from the beginning. If for them that day is unique for me too for sure. 


This new season I am very excited. I have some incredible weddings in Mallorca in some wonderful Finca.

One of them is the Hotel Can Simoneta:

"ALT"incredible weddings in Mallorca Can Simoneta hotel

A five-star hotel in the north of the island in Canyamel. It has a spectacular view from a cliff. With excavated stairs to access the incredible sandy beach. The Hotel offers beautiful gardens and an amazing swimming pool for the couple who will get married there. It will be an international wedding with many guests from abroad.

For sure it will be one of the best weddings of the year. The team that will make this wedding is of the highest quality and promises a lot.

"ALT"incredible weddings in Mallorca Can Simoneta

Another place where we will have an incredible wedding in Mallorca is Bendinat Castle.  Located in Calviá the Castle is a unique and impressive place, a magical wedding awaits us there too.

"ALT"incredible weddings in Mallorca Castillo Bendinat night
"ALT"incredible weddings in Mallorca Castillo Bendinat

More venues

Apart from these two places we will have more weddings in the incredible Fincas Son Berga and Finca Comassema.

We love to work in Son Berga. It’s always a treat every time we come back. We like the place as much as we love the way we are treated. Always have experienced beautiful and fun weddings in Son Berga.

The opportunities it gives for spectacular photos motivates us a lot. A special atmosphere is always created there for both the bride and groom and the guests.

"ALT"incredible weddings in Mallorca Son Berga
"ALT"incredible weddings in Mallorca Son Berga dinner

In addition we have Finca Comassema which is like a dream for every bride. The last one we had this year there was spectacular. Everything went perfectly and we had an unforgettable wedding.

Panela Productions was in charge of the music. The party they threw gave us the opportunity to take pictures of people having so much fun.

Some other fincas where we worked so well this year have been St.Regis Mardavall hotel and  Castell Son Claret. Beautiful places for couples who want maximum luxury and perfection.

"ALT"incredible weddings in Mallorca Comassema lake
"ALT"incredible weddings in Mallorca Comassema love

International weddings

As always this season we have weddings with many international couples. From England, the United States, Turkey, France, Germany. We love to meet them all and be part of this special day for them.

"ALT"incredible weddings in Mallorca indian wedding
"ALT"incredible weddings in Mallorca Sant Regis Mardavall


All the caterings we worked with at these incredible weddings in Mallorca were top. Working side by side with them, seeing all the desire and effort they put in, we love it.

Both Catering Vicky Pulgarín and Catering El Jardín amazed us with their top dishes. Tot a Punt catering with Magdalena at the head did as always everything perfect, we love working with them. The Amida catering at Finca Comassema and the Marc Fosh catering, they all made everyone enjoy themselves a lot. 


Of course all the DJ’s and musicians are the ones who create the perfect atmosphere for a party from start to finish. We worked with Lo music spectacles and Panela Productions. Always getting involved making sure no one is left without dancing.

We love this job and enjoy it so much with such good professionals all the time on hand. That shows in the relationship we have with our couples that’s why most of the time we become friends with them forever. It’s one of the reasons we experience incredible weddings in Mallorca.

Special Service

Also this season we are offering a special and innovative service that is proving very successful. We give couples a photo session reminiscent of the day they first met. We are going to have very emotional and fun sessions with many couples.

"ALT"incredible weddings in Mallorca Castell Son Claret

It will be beautiful to share emotions and make all the couples have incredible photos with unforgettable moments. We are looking forward to incredible weddings in Mallorca. See you in your’s !!!

Incredible weddings in Mallorca

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