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Destination photographer in Mallorca

by Inma Del Valle
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Destination photographer in Mallorca

Destination Photographer in Mallorca

It’s wonderful when sometimes there comes a point in a couple’s story when you feel like running away.

It’s wonderful when sometimes there comes a point in a couple’s story when you feel like running away.

You want to do something together, fun, crazy, different and based on that special union. Something I understand as a destination photographer in Mallorca

It also never hurts to have those photographs that reflects all the understanding and complicity. Monica and Ivan thought so when living in Pontevedra.

They imagined a getaway to celebrate their union in Mallorca. For me as a destination photographer in Mallorca, making this is something I love.


Here in Mallorca for those of you who don’t know it, it’s a paradise for every self-respecting cyclist. In Summer they come from all over the world to travel their paths. In the case of Monica and Ivan I thought Cape Formentor would be ideal.

Monica and Ivan did not hesitate to bring their road bikes. They wanted to take pictures of them with their wedding dresses on. Racing each other along the roads of Formentor.

I couldn’t stop taking pictures it was a lot of fun as a destination photographer in Mallorca. Of course they were enjoying it. After all when we saw each other right away we had a good feeling. We were in complete harmony.

I always want to reflect the emotion and naturalness of the moment. Always is wonderful how a couple can put so much trust in me. For me it’s something sacred.

At this”elopement” you could breathe something very intimate , the couple was really excited. The term “elopement” means to escape and never to return from where you have escaped.

In this case, they had decided to marry without explaining themselves to anyone. Because they wanted to do so in a place far from where they lived.

Starting the shooting

First of all, I took pictures of them in Cape Formentor using the wonderful nature that exists. Because it is an idyllic spot on Mallorca. Once we finished there I thought I wanted to do more…. Reflect their love in a wonderful place called “Cala Mesquida”.

I don’t know about those of you who know this place, but it is one of the most beautiful in Mallorca. As a destination photographer in Mallorca I love it.

It has a huge wooden bridge over dreamy dunes. The area of Artá where it belongs has an excellent mixture of nature. Paradisiacal beaches, dunes, holm oaks, secondary roads with a vegetation full of fantasy.


As it was expected when we arrived, their faces lit up. It was time for sunset, a magical moment and the light was perfect to reflect everything they wanted. In fact, they didn’t know any of the chosen destinations. Had full confidence in my imagination. They let me do everything I asked them to do. I always try something special for each couple.

After all in this elopement, we had so much fun. Sometimes we couldn’t stop laughing . The dunes were witness to some great moments reflected in the photos I took of the two of them…Monica and Ivan are an incredible couple who love each other very much. They made everything very easy for me as a destination photographer in Mallorca

I loved putting them among the beautiful rocks in Cala Mesquida. They did not hesitate to run among the waves of the beach. While the sun was setting I enjoyed it very much.

You can see all this reflected in the photos we took…I am looking forward to having more couples like this and reflect their feelings in magical photos around Mallorca or…maybe Tuscany, Provence, London, Istanbul, Marrakech…Who knows!

Destination photographer in Mallorca

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