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Couple’s photo shoot in Mallorca

by Inma Del Valle
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Couple’s photo shoot in Mallorca

In the last two posts I talk in my Blog about how luck is pursued. For this session that I present to you of couple’s photo shoot in Mallorca, several circumstances happened. I can say that I really enjoyed doing it very much. You only have to see their happy faces, we had an amazing time.

"ALT""couple's photo shoot in Mallorca"
"ALT""couple's photo shoot in Mallorca happy"


For me as photographer in Mallorca , this couples’ photo shoot in Mallorca was the result of my effort and luck pursued. Thanks to this I was able to meet Emma and Caramo, two wonderful persons.

They have inspired me first by their individual way of being, drawing my attention each one separately just by looking at them.

Secondly, I have been inspired by the way they connect in this couple’s photo shoot in Mallorca.

"ALT""couple's photo shoot in Mallorca kiss"

I  personally believe that we all have an aura around us that forms according to how we behave in this life.

If we live according to a set of personal values and we project all that, you can see and feel it. Sometimes just one look from a person can tell you what level of sensitivity they have.

"ALT""couple's photo shoot in Mallorca laying down"
"ALT""couple's photo shoot in Mallorca sitting"

Photo sessions in Mallorca

When I met Caramo, I realized how sensitive he is and how much honesty surrounds him. He is an artist so he is capable with his passionate way of projecting all that he has inside. He has so much artistically that when you talk to him you are full with this amazing desire.

His great love for art is contagious and I love being able to connect with him on that level.

With Emma it was very similar, she has studied Fine Arts and is very open to new experiences. Her look totally happy when I told her about the projects I have with them as a photographer in Mallorca was great. She understands perfectly the restlessness of wanting to do different things within everything that has already been done.

Emma just makes it easy and shows a tremendous interest in all my ideas. She loved being able to do this couple’s photo shoot in Mallorca.

"ALT""couple's photo shoot in Mallorca funny"

As a photographer in Mallorca I have done individual photo sessions for both of them. You can find his here in the men’s editorial. Emma’s you can find it here in this photo sesión in Mallorca link. As you can see each one has their own personality and style.

Great cultural richness

My idea was to find two people from different backgrounds and bring out the best in each one. Afterwards to bring them together and show how two beautiful human beings can be so perfect together. Putting aside all the damned stereotypes are impose on us.

The idea that there is an universal love not only as a couple and that we are all equals, is something that excites me. I think I’ve been able to reflect that in this couple’s photo shoot in Mallorca with their help.

In spite of all the politicians who today believe that when they are more radical and extremist, they are more powerful and have more value.

All that serves only to isolate them from the reality of an increasingly globalized world.

As a photographer in Mallorca I think that we must be very visible and fight against those people who do not believe in diversity. All they do is isolate themselves from a wonderful and rich world where so much can be learned.

Children who experience this cultural richness will grow up with more tolerance and love for all the people they meet throughout their lives.

"ALT""couple's photo shoot in Mallorca love"
"ALT""couple's photo shoot in Mallorca one body"

Couple’s photo shoot in Mallorca

That day we met  for this couple’s photo shoot in Mallorca in the afternoon right on the same stage where I had taken the pictures of them before.

The sunset there is brutal creating great colors with the evening light.

It was an ideal temperature at that time of the day. It is now the month of July and Mallorca is an oven during the day. We also had a heat wave so it was great with the sun already lower in the mountain.

I chose which clothes I would like them to wear for the first pictures in this couple’s photo shoot in Mallorca and we started. They are two very easy people and everything I propose them to do was done right away. There was a great connection and little by little we started to have lots of fun.

"ALT""couple's photo shoot in Mallorca playing"
"ALT""couple's photo shoot in Mallorca dancing"

The alpacas in the field feeling like another protagonist when I made to climb one of them. It took them a while to do it and they tried to climb several times in this couple’s photo sesión in Mallorca. They almost fell down and could hardly keep their balance, it was as if they were little kids again.

Model agencies

The studio with some fabrics served as a small stage for some photos. As a photographer in Mallorca I loved the faces they both made when I asked them to do something different. I’m sure this is going to be the beginning of a great modeling career for both of them. All the model agencies are going to want them for sure.

As the sun went down, we finished the couple’s photo shoot in Mallorca and said goodbye.

I thank both of them for being the way they are, in no time you will be able to see a great project I have with them. We are going to do many beautiful things together.

"ALT""couple's photo shoot in Mallorca happy dance"

Couple’s photo shoot in Mallorca

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